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The LessWrong team is continuing to develop and validate the Tagging feature we introduced a few months ago. And we just opened up tag creation to everyone! (at least for now)

As inspiration and because they're great, I wanted to share some of the best tags we've got so far. 

I've selected these for already having a pretty good collection of content on their respective topics.

Note that you can change the ordering of posts with the sorting selector.

If you want to get involved with tagging (please do):

  1. You can: 1) add tags to a post from the posts page OR 2) add posts to a tag page at the bottom right of the tag page. 
  2. You can create tags anywhere you see an "add tag" button, from www.lesswrong/tags/all or www.lesswrong.com/tag/create.
  3. Any feedback is very welcome! We're doing a bunch of development know, so the more we hear from users the more we can incorporate that.

See the announcement for more details: The New Frontpage Design & Opening Tag Creation!

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Having a way to separate new tagged notifications from other notifs would be a plus. I think the notif system should also not trigger for old (>6 months) posts, at least not now in the initial phase. My inbox is full of tag notifications now.

Yeah, I noticed the same. Seems like we should at least do something here (maybe batching would be ideal, where I could just get a single notification that has all the tagged posts).