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After having written an annual review of AI safety organisations for six years, I intend to stop this year. I'm sharing this in case someone else wanted to in my stead.


  • It is very time consuming and I am busy.
  • I have a lot of conflicts of interests now.
  • The space is much better funded by large donors than when I started. As a small donor, it seems like you either donate to:
    • A large org that OP/FTX/etc. support, in which case funging is ~ total and you can probably just support any.
    • A large org than OP/FTX/etc. reject in which case there is a high chance you are wrong.
    • A small org OP/FTX/etc. haven't heard of, in which case I probably can't help you either.
  • Part of my motivation was to ensure I stayed involved in the community but this is not at threat now.

Hopefully it was helpful to people over the years. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

I will miss the annual updates. I didn't care about the question of who to donate to, but it was always good for catching up on research I missed in the flood, and a great starting point for beginners - I could just tell them to read a dozen papers from each annual review which sounded interesting and they'd have a great overview of how things were going.

Thank you for the work you've put in!

Thank you, Larks! Salute. FYI that I am at least one who has informally committed (see below) to take up this mantle. When would the next one typically be due?


I would typically aim for mid-December, in time for the American charitable giving season.