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How would a better replacement for tissues look like?

by ChristianKl1 min read5th Apr 20198 comments



When one has a cold common disposable tissues are the state of the art solution for getting mucus out of one's nose.

If there's however a lot of mucus a bit of that mucus usually ends up on the hand that holds the tissue. 

This in turn makes it likely that germs end up on the hand and on objects that one touches with the hand.

If we invent a better solution to replace disposable tissues, it would be valuable for reducing the spread of infectious disease.

Does anybody have ideas?

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1 Answers

You're referring to the general population I guess, so it could be a reusable device where you can blow your nose into, then a (manual?) vacuum system could suck the remaining mucus from the nostrils. In order to avoid the contact between hands and the pathogens, the device would be pressed to the nasal base, maybe with the thumb and the middle finger under the nostrils, with the index on the bridge of the nose. A size that fits in the pockets should be similar to a vaporizer pen, with mini plastic bags to throw when full, transparent in order to examine the content for medical purposes, and the bags should be rechargeable.

I can see a lot of engineering problems with that, but the function would be performed efficiently, unless I'm missing something.