LW Update 5/6/2018 – Meta and Moderation

by Raemon 1 min read6th May 201814 comments


User Facing Changes

  • New posts can only be submitted to your personal blog. Moderators will move it to the frontpage if it seems appropriate.
  • "Personal Blogposts" tab is now labelled "All Posts", and now contains meta posts.
    • We had deliberately been pushing on "disincentivize meta conversation", and still are, but since the Meta section basically has only been used for updates from the admins, it seemed like A) we could lean a bit in the other direction, B) I think having the third tier of posts on the frontpage be "all posts" is a lot more clear about what the frontpage hierarchy is trying to do.
  • Meta posts now appear properly in your drafts on your user profile.
  • Your user profile will now only show the 4 most recent drafts
    • I rarely found I needed to see anything but my most recent drafts, and meanwhile it was a bit annoying to scroll past it whenever I went to my profile page.

Moderator Changes

  • Moderators now have a sidebar that shows a list of all new unreviewed personal blogposts, with easy buttons for:
    • approve (and leave as a personal blogpost)
    • move to frontpage
    • delete

In the past month or so, we've a) continued seeing a rise in post volume, while b) a couple of our moderators have been more busy than usual. I've been increasingly worried about the signal/noise ratio on the site.

So this update has been focused mostly on some tools that make moderation much easier, which many users won't directly experience but which I hope will lead to a better site experience.

Longterm, my goal is to put all moderator To Do items in the sidebar so they are easily seen, and then make it easy and encouraged to maintain inbox zero on the sidebar. I'd hoping this will help both reactive "notice and delete spam" type actions, and "notice and promote good things" type actions.

Minor Naming Convention Update

I'll be calling these posts "LW Update [Date] – {Description}" from now on, since "update" wasn't very each to search for, and hopefully "LW Update" will be. (We'll eventually also make a better search tool, but even when it's done it seems like it should be easy to search naively)

Link to Git history. Commit a7c9879b5f5fa94f0a843993b10c85898913a43e