Illustrator needed: Intuitive Bayes 2.0

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read19th Jul 201113 comments


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A huge revision of The Intuitive Explanation of Bayesian Reasoning is in progress, aimed at being considerably more accessible and hence with a lot more graphics.  I need someone who can turn out versions of the illustrations that are technically accurate enough to try on beta readers, fast enough and reliably enough that I can ask for revised versions of the illustrations a day later if the beta reader says they didn't understand it.  There is a Google Doc in progress which you would be given permission to edit, containing some hand-drawn attempts on my part to indicate what the illustrations should look like, and a number of finished illustrations from an illustrator who unfortunately cannot put in any further work on this job.

For this job, technical accuracy (i.e., if a ratio is 3:4, it should not look like 1:9), understandability, and speed is much more important than beauty - the idea is to get as quickly as possible to a working version with understandable illustrations that has been verified by the beta readers.

If interested, email me at