Whether masked or not masked, holding conversations seems to increase COVID-19 transmission. It's my impression that while people in Berlin generally do wear masks they still hold conversations in public similarly to how they would before COVID-19. There's no messaging to cut down unneccessary communication. I don't know what to do with this insight. Does anybody have ideas?

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Nov 28, 2020


Highly addictive smartphone game, playable only when the phone detects (gps, accelerometer, Bluetooth beacons) that the player is on a train/bus/tram (Working title: Pokémon Shut The **** Up). Bonus: game becomes unplayable if phone can hear that people are talking. Bonus bonus: synergistic use of conversation detection alongside Bluetooth “exposure notification“.

Stuart Anderson

Nov 28, 2020


It's called a quiet carriage. We typically have them only on the long hauls. Covid has pretty much emptied the trains so it doesn't really matter anyway.

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Would an ordinance do it? Or is the famous German law-abiding nature a myth?

In general ordinance would likely work in Germany but it's not easy to define non-reasonable conversations into law. You probably want people to be able to say "We are going of that the next station".

Practically, I don't have direct input input into policy-making.