Altruist Coordination -- Central Station

byMBlume 10y27th Mar 200913 comments


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I thought it would be helpful for us to have a central space to pool information about various organizations to which we might give our money and/or time.  Honestly, a wiki would be ideal, but it seems this should do nicely.

Comment to this post with the name of an organization, and a direct link to where we can donate to them.  Provide a summary of the group's goals, and their plans for reaching them.  If you can link to outside confirmation of the group's efficiency and effectiveness, please do so.

Respond to these comments adding information about the named group, whether to criticize or praise it.

Hopefully with the voting system, we should be able to collect the most relevent information we have available reasonably quickly.

If you choose to contribute to a group, respond to that group's comment with a dollar amount, so that we can all see how much we have raised for each organization.

Feel free to replace "dollar amount" with "dollar amount/month" in the above, if you wish to make such a commitment.  Please do not do this unless you are (>95%) confident that said commitment will last at least a year.

If possible, mention this page, or this site, while donating.