Hacking on LessWrong Just Got Easier

by atucker 1 min read4th Sep 201120 comments


TrikeApps has done a great job running LessWrong and adding new features, but they could use a little help. Have you thought about improving the LessWrong website but haven't done it because you weren't sure how? Or had installation issues? Well, now is a great time to start, because hacking on LessWrong just got much easier!

On behalf of the LessWrong Public Goods Team, I have built a Virtual Machine Image which hosts its own version of the LessWrong website. This eliminates the need to figure out how to host LessWrong yourself. To hack on LessWrong you simply:

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Download and use the VM image
  3. Edit LessWrong's code 
  4. Test
  5. Submit pull request

Detailed instructions and download link here.

Interested, but not sure what to work on? The LessWrong issue tracker is here. Run into trouble with the code? Ask questions on the dev list.

Many thanks to Matt, Jon and David at TrikeApps for helping me do this, and John Salvatier for initiating this project.