Austin Less Wrong Meetup, Saturday April 23rd, 12:00 Noon

by NMJablonski 1 min read18th Apr 201128 comments


This is the second meeting of the group that met in Waco last weekend. Meeting will be at the Starbucks on the corner of 15th and San Antonio, at 12:00 Noon on Saturday. This Starbucks has its own parking, and there are additional public parking options in the surrounding area. The address is:

501 West 15th Street

Austin, TX 78701

We would love to see new people, and feel free to bring friends. Here is a photo of the participants from last time.

See you all on Saturday


EDIT: Apologies for the late edit all. Skylar sent me the photos from the group yesterday and I wanted to share one. We're getting bigger!