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I've seen a recent claim that adding a summary to links is enough of an inconvenience that the links may not be getting posted. I suppose people aren't checking out the media threads for links.

As an experiment, I'm posting this as a place for links. Summaries/excerpts are optional-- please don't downvote links just for not having excerpts/summaries.

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A 2 minute youtube video

I'm not going to explain what it is because that would ruin the video.

Also since explaining the video ruins it, here is a link to rot13

That was completely worth 1:42 of my time.

The number of times I've read an article about something like this that gives it away in the title or opening before giving the reader a chance to experience it for themselves... thanks for not explaining.

A "game over" screen from the video game Balance of Power.

As seen on Reddit. Since the screen is just text, I'll go ahead and reproduce the text here:

You have ignited a nuclear war.

And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with parts of bodies flying through the air.

We do not reward failure.

I like to imagine that the developers of Shadow President, released some years later, looked at Balance of Power and went "market opportunity!".

Psychometrician tweets stuff on methodology & misconduct in psychology & statistics.

You can access the mockery videos by Robert Gross once again.

Okay, honestly. I think they're pretty bad and lame.

But this recap of maybe the most funniest thing I've read on LessWrong is quite good. But the ending kinda ruins it, I don't think lukeprog is woman-objectifying misogyny rationalizing whatever, I just thought it was adorable.

I can't see a reason as to why this would be a better place for posting links than the Open Thread.

I'm not sure, either, but I thought it would be a cheap experiment.

The spirit of Seth Roberts lives!

I think the norm of sweeping everything into the Open Thread has painted the community into a corner. Let's start posting Discussion posts again even if we're not sure it's a good idea.

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There's a new subreddit for GIFs of cute baby elephants: