Promoting rationality to a broad audience - feedback on methods

by Gleb_Tsipursky 1 min read30th Nov 20155 comments


We at Intentional Insights​, the nonprofit devoted to promoting rationality and effective altruism  to a broad audience, are finalizing our Theory of Change (a ToC is meant to convey our goals, assumptions, methods, and metrics). Since there's recently been extensive discussion on LessWrong of our approaches to promoting rationality and effective altruism to a broad audience, one that was quite helpful for helping us update, I'd like to share our Theory of Change with you and ask for your feedback.


Here's the Executive Summary:

  • The goal of Intentional Insights is to create a world where all rely on research-based strategies to make wise decisions and lead to mutual flourishing.
  • To achieve this goal, we believe that people need to be motivated to learn and have broadly accessible information about such research-based strategies, and also integrate these strategies into their daily lives through regular practice.
  • We assume that:
    • some natural and intuitive human thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns are flawed in ways that undermine wise decisions.
    • problematic decision making undermines mutual flourishing in a number of life areas.
    • these flawed thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns can be improved through effective interventions.
    • we can motivate and teach people to improve their thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns by presenting our content in ways that combine education and entertainment.
  • Our intervention is helping people improve their patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior to enable them to make wise decisions and bring about mutual flourishing.
  • Our outputs, what we do, come in the form of online content such as blog entries, videos, etc., on our channels and in external publications, as well as collaborations with other organizations.
  • Our metrics of impact are in the form of anecdotal evidence, feedback forms from workshops, and studies we run on our content.

Here is the full version.


I'd appreciate any feedback on the full version from fellow Less Wrongers, on things like content, concepts, structure, style, grammar, etc. I look forward to updating the organization's goals, assumptions, methods, and metrics based on your thoughts. Thanks!