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Stephen Hsu interviewed on Stefan Molyneux's YouTube show. Hsu was a guest on my podcast.

Anything new or worth noting?

For me it was at 01h5m50s where Hsu says that super rich Silicon valley guys are already using embryo selection for non-fertility reasons.

Wikipedia says that Elon Musk's 5 sons were via IVF. The mother was 32 and 34 at the births, which is awfully young for IVF. Maybe they had fertility problems, but maybe they did embryo selection. Except that they probably couldn't select for anything beyond sex in 2004, but maybe they did IVF to get twins and triplets.

Not really. May be worth listening to while washing dishes or something but nothing essential.

What is the general consensus on LessWrong regarding Race Realism?

I'm not sure, but I doubt there is a LW consensus on this issue.

Some people consider it obvious and some people consider it distasteful.