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What would be the consequences of commoditizing AI?

by Mati_Roy1 min read21st Mar 20202 comments




I think the common thinking on this is that commoditization would foster fierce competition, which would create an environment where companies are optimized to respond to market pressure, and so cutting corners on safety and other public good, whereas a monopoly would have more slack to care about those things.

That seems right to me, and probably the bulk of the consequence weight goes there when thinking about monopolizing AI vs commoditizing it.

But other considerations I had were:

  • if AI is commoditized, then there might be less AI R&D
  • if AI is commoditized, then all the economic surplus might go to the consumers instead of the shareholders (hence preventing massive economical inequality)

Maybe all the answers are in Strategic Implications of Openness in AI Development and I should reread the paper (it's been a while).

Motivation for asking: I might have some vague proto-ideas on how to commoditize it.

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Would be pretty interested in your ideas about how to commoditize AI.