Wisdom for Smart Teens - my talk at SPARC 2014

by Liron1 min read9th Feb 201522 comments


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I recently had the privilege of a 1-hour speaking slot at SPARC, a yearly two-week camp for top high school math students.

Here's the video: Wisdom for Smart Teens

Instead of picking a single topic, I indulged in a bunch of mini-topics that I feel passionate about:

  1. Original Sight
  2. "Emperor has no clothes" moments
  3. Epistemology is cool
  4. Think quantitatively
  5. Be specific / use examples
  6. Organizations are inefficient
  7. How I use Bayesianism
  8. Be empathizable
  9. Communication
  10. Simplify
  11. Startups
  12. What you want
I think the LW crowd will get a kick out of it.