META: Meetup Overload

by Spurlock1 min read3rd Nov 201011 comments


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Does anyone else think we need a better way of dealing with meet-ups? I totally understand that meeting face to face is an (at least arguably) important next-step in the rationalist-community-building project, but the fact is the front page, which was originally for all the most content-rich, accessible, and noteworthy articles is now being filled with blurbs that are irrelevant to 95% of the readership.

I can see why these posts would need to be highly visible if the meetups are going to work at all, but I think we should get the ball rolling on figuring out a better way to handle location-specific posts. For example, mandatory-but-private location setting in your profile (at least to the country, possibly to the state/province/etc for larger areas), which would subscribe you (with opt-out available) to any happenings in that area. That's just the first idea, like I said the idea is just to get the discussion going.