Pet Cryonics

by Jack1 min read11th Nov 201019 comments


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I think my dog is about to die. Even if I thought it was worth it I don't have the money to freeze her. But I am curious to know how people here feel about the practice and whether anyone plans to do this for their pet. It seems like a practice that plays into the image of cryonics as the domain of strange and egotistical rich people. On the other hand it also seems like a rather human and heart warming practice. Is pet cryopreservation good for the image of cryonics?

Also, do people who just do neuro get their pets preserved? Will people upload pets? Assuming life as an emulation feels different from life as a biological organism is it ethical to upload animals? The transition might be strange and uncomfortable but we expect at least some humans to take the risk and live with any differences. But animals don't understand this and might not have the mental flexibility to adjust.