Proposal: consolidate meetup announcements before promotion

by CarlShulman1 min read3rd May 20118 comments


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The Less Wrong feed is getting crowded with meetups rather than substantive posts. Hopefully, this should be fixed in the redesign, but one way to work around it in the meanwhile would be to make top-level posts announcing several meetups at once.

Folk would post meetups under the 'NEW' category, and each week or even every several days one of the meetup organizers could edit her post to announce all the meetups since the last consolidated post. This would greatly reduce the cluster while still getting meetups in the main feed. On the other hand, it would reduce average warning time before meetups, and the additional activation energy might deter some meetups.

If you have thoughts on the workability of this scheme, or an adjustment to make it workable, please comment below.

[HT: Anna Salamon]