Help me test out my Bayes Academy game

by [anonymous] 1 min read22nd Sep 201517 comments


You may remember my earlier posts on a game that would teach you Bayesian networks. As might be expected, the original plans turned out to be way too ambitious and I ended up cutting a lot of the story content and turned into more of a simple puzzle game, but here it is regardless.

I need people to test this out to get material for my thesis. So if you could fill out one brief questionnaire, play the game for a bit, and then fill out another questionnaire, that'd help a lot. You may also learn a bit in the process - at least for me, I've found that it made concepts like the conjunction fallacy and value of information clearer. Here's a link to the first questionnaire, and you'll get the link to the actual game once you fill out the form. Thanks a lot! [Java required.]

Also please let me know if you're having any trouble with it.

ETA: Known issues: Some Mac users have reported an issue where the game info panel vanishes after a few steps.  I've updated the JAR with a version that has the info buttons at the top; this won't help you complete the tutorial, but at least it might be possible to play the actual game (though I'm not sure of how easy it will be to understand without the tutorial). When you've hit "done", the graph will change colors to show which variables you guessed correctly; at that point you need to hit space which *hopefully* should work even though you can't see the text at the bottom.

ETA2: The game has now been updated with a version that lets you choose a lower resolution setting, which should help for people who were having problems with some nodes going off the screen / the text being too large.