Launched: Friendship is Optimal

by iceman1 min read15th Nov 201231 comments


FictionAI Risk

Friendship is Optimal has launched and is being published in chunks on FIMFiction

Friendship is Optimal is a story about an optimizer written to "satisfy human values through friendship and ponies." I would like to thank everyone on LessWrong who came out and helped edit itFriendship is Optimal wouldn't be what is today without your help.

Thank you.

Teaser description:

Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO. Hanna has built an A.I. Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive: to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies. And Princess Celestia will follow those instructions to the letter...even if you don't want her to.

Here is the schedule for the next chapters:

Friday (Nov. 16th): Chapter 4 - 5

Monday (Nov. 19th): Chapter 6 - 7

Thursday (Nov. 22th): Chapter 8 - 9

Sunday (Nov. 25th): Chapter 10 - 11, Author's Afterword