Hi everyone! Excited to hear what people in the community listen to.

I have been recently enjoying the 80,000 hours podcast and Tyler Cowen's.



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I wrote a handy blog post about precisely this, 70+ podcasts covering EA, rationality, philosophy, futurism, economics, psychology, geopolitics, self-improvement and more: https://noesis-space.blogspot.com/2018/10/a-long-list-of-podcasts-you-might-enjoy.html

I personally prefer audioooks, but here are some past threads with podcast recommendations:

Obviously, this shouldn't preclude other people from giving new recommendations, and if someone is up for it, I would also be glad if someone would go through all the threads I linked and compile all the recommendations into one big list.

I listen to .epub files with FBReader and TTS plugin on Android.

I will take pdfs, plug them through toepub/com and listen to them too.

I have also added photo-ocr-pdf-text-epub-audio to my pipeline sometimes.

I am used to the generated speech and I listen faster than I could read with my eyes. Roughly 400wpm

Curious why this was dovnvoted? It's not a literal answer to the question, but it seems reasonably likely to satisfy the intent of the question.

My guess is that someone felt that it wasn't actually an answer to the question, since it had nothing to do with podcasts. I also think it's reasonably on-topic, but I can understand why someone would think otherwise. I can also imagine someone thinking the recommendation is actively bad, based on various research around reading comprehension, or maybe some other objections, not sure. I definitely don't know whether the thing recommended here is a good idea.

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