Do we have a published list of the users who are editors?


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Yes; you may be interested in lists of Main moderators, Discussion moderators, Main editors, and Discussion editors. Best wishes, the Less Wrong Reference Desk.

I'm confused; I thought "editors" referred to people who could promote posts, and consisted of Eliezer Yudkowsky, Robin Hanson, and maybe one or two others (Eliezer even has the "Editor" tag by his karma circle, while the ones listed on that page do not). Here it seems to be instead referring to people who can edit posts? Do we need a new term for one of these groups?

wmoore is also listed as an "Editor" by the karma circle.

See also: Moderation by Editors section on the wiki. This page lists all edits made by editors.

That link says,

Articles are selected for promotion on the basis of substantive new content, clear argument, good writing, popularity, and importance. Promoted articles appear on the Less Wrong home page. Non-promoted articles are still available in the other views, such as New or Popular.

But it doesn't say who does the selection. I thought it was only Eliezer. Can anyone else promote an article? Can anyone un-promote an article? Is there a vote? A sum of up-down votes from editors? What?

These editors (currently me, Alicorn and Louie) don't do the promoting. I assume only Eliezer does that. We just fix the technical problems with markup in the text of the posts or tags on them etc.

I think only Eliezer currently does promoting, but I think Robin Hanson and wmoore also have the ability to.

I second this question. I would like to know the list of people who promote. I also would love to see who promotes what. Is this already possible?

Thank you for the link.

I think the title "Site features" is not ideal for this topic. I am probably doing it wrong but only found it after I knew it existed in the wiki.

It says I'm a main moderator and a discussion moderator. This is the first I've heard of it. What are my superpowers?

You can ban things, and see reported and banned things. Generally, you should only ban spam and not content submitted by actual users, however inane. You can observe reported posts and comments here and here (normal users can't see these pages). I expect matt sent you a private message, but you missed it.

Zack thanks for the links. I notice they have the about header do they have a navigation path I missed. My site and wiki search was unable to show me any such pages. How did you find them.

Zack, Vlad, Other editors: 1) Can the above links have a description of the powers the positions hold? 2) Is there a answer to the below commented question of who has the power to promote articles? (It was the point of my post.) 3) Could the above articles es be combined and detailed in the wiki and indexed by keyword so a search on editor(s) moderator(s) lists it.

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