The Virtue of Numbering ALL your Equations

by Linda Linsefors 1 min read28th Sep 20174 comments


Epistemic status: This is my strongly hold preference, but I dont know to what extent others agree.

I know of two common styles for numbering equations in a scientific publications.

A) Number ALL equations.

B) Number only those equations that you yourself want to reference to in the surrounding text.

A is strictly better than B

  • There is no extra effort to in numbering all equations since LaTeX does it for you.

  • It becomes much easier to discuss your paper in text and/or online, and in any other situation where the persons involved can’t just point directly at the equation they wants to refeer to.

LaTeX automatically number your equations if you use

\begin{equation} … \end{equation}

LaTeX does not automatically number your equation if you use

$$ … $$

Here is a bit of code you can use if you think “\begin{equation} … \end{equation}” Is too much to write. Copy paste this


into your tex document, before “\begin{document}”. Now you can simply use

\be … \ee

instead of “\begin{equation} … \end{equation}”

Please number all your equations!