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What additional features would you like on LessWrong?

by Mati_Roy1 min read4th Dec 20197 comments


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I'm not on the LessWrong team; I'm just curious, and might want to answer that question myself ^_^

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3 Answers

A place to suggest features, hence this question '^_^

A way to update my username given I changed my name to Mati a while ago :)


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A mechanism to handle info-hazard. A comment reported has info-hazard could be immediately hidden until a team reviews it. If it's deemed sufficiently hazardy, the user gets ban or suspended. If it's not hazardy at all, the reporter gets a warning; after 3 warnings, and a ratio worse than 1 in 2 (or something like that), they get suspended. If it's hazardy only for a group of people, there should be a warning before the info-hazard.

I haven't thought about this much, and there could also be downsides too (PM if you want to discuss this more).