There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm around LessWrong meetups, so I thought something like this might be interesting too. There is no need to register - just add your marker and keep an eye out for someone living near you.

Here's the link:

I posted this on an Open Thread first. Below are some observations based on the previous discussion:

When creating a new marker you will be given a special URL you can use to edit it later. If you lose it, you can create a new one and ask me to delete the old marker. Try not to lose it though.

If someone you tried to contact is unreachable, notify me and I'll delete the marker in order to keep the map tidy. Also, try to keep your own marker updated.

It was suggested that it would be a good idea to circulate the map around survey time. I'll try to remind everyone to update their markers around that time. Any major changes (e.g. changing admin, switching services, remaking the map to eliminate dead markers) will also happen then.

The map data can be exported by anyone, so there's no need to start over if I disappear or whatever.

Edit: Please, you have to make it possible to contact you. If you choose to use a name that doesn't match your LW account, you have to add an email address or equivalent. If you don't do that, it is assumed that the name on the marker is your username here, but if it isn't you are essentially unreachable and will be removed.

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This should really be on the sidebar. And perhaps users should get like a +50 karma boost for placing a marker. Coordination is important and difficult.

Not exactly the same thing, but the HPMOR readers map is much more populated

I am now the King of New York!

There appear to be two maps going on. I was directed to this one from the lesswrong IRC chat: I suspect we should consolidate them.

That map is actually specific to the IRC channel IIRC, as the channel is kind of it's own spin-off community in many ways according to some of the channel old-timers.

Alright then. Thanks for looking into it!

I'll PM everyone so they can add themselves to my map.

Edit: Done spamming people. 6 of the 28 names weren't LW accounts nor on the IRC channel.

thanks to Regex for noting that this map also exists.

Not sure what we should do; which direction to consolidate them. But its a bit silly to keep two maps...

This direction of course ;)

How do you view multiple markers in a single location? I put my marker down and then someone else put another marker down in the same place, and now I can't see my own marker. Which makes me wonder if there are yet more markers in the same place and I'm only seeing one.

I found a setting that fixes this by clustering close markers and displaying the number of them.

There's a displace function that I suppose is meant for this (check your markers now and you'll understand). I could pull them farther apart if you wish.

As an alternative solution, I could put both names on the same marker.

FWIW, there are ways to find a marker that got buried below others. Browsing the list on the right is obvious, but not very helpful I suppose. Additionally, when you click a marker and then close the popover that appears, the marker will be moved behind the markers it was in front of.

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