Sunday August 23rd, 12pm (PDT) – Double Crux with Buck Shlegeris and Oliver Habryka on Slow vs. Fast AI Takeoff

by Ben Pace1 min read22nd Aug 20209 comments


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This Sunday at 12pm (PDT), we're running a double crux between two curated LessWrong authors (see here for transcripts of events from previous weeks).

  • We'll have 1.5–2 hours of Double Crux between Buck and Oliver, facilitated by Eli Tyre. They'll discuss the topic of slow vs. fast AI Takeoff. This will be a conversation guided by attempts to communicate with each other, rather than a prepared presentation focused on communicating a particular argument to the audience.
  • This will be followed by some Q&A with the attendees, and a hangout in an online space (Gather Town).

If you're a curated author and interested in giving a 5-min talk at a future event, which will then be transcribed and edited, sign up here.



When? Sunday August 23, 12pm (PDT)