Hi there, 

We are still looking for:

A second executive assistant -- preferably someone who lives in the SF bay area or is willing to relocate here, but remote work will also be considered.  Apply here.

Teachers / curriculum designers.  This *does* need to be someone who can relocate to the SF bay area, and who has the legal ability to work in the US.  Apply here.  Especially apply if:

  • Rationality, or similar changes in your skill set, have made a big difference in your life;
  • You enjoy teaching, and helping others change their lives; you have strong interpersonal skills;
  • You have exceptional analytic skills, and want to help us figure out what sort of "rationality" and "rationality training" can actually work -- by being skeptical, trying things out, measuring outcomes, etc.

Distant curriculum designers: as above, except that you don't need the interpersonal/teaching skills, and do need to be extra-exceptional in other respects.  Apply here.

Programmers -- folks who can whip up simple prototype web apps quickly, to help with rationality training.  Apply here.

Consultants -- folks who have relevant experience, and can spend a few hours offering suggestions for how to structure our workshops, or for how to structure rationality group more generally (after watching us teach, or by giving advice over the phone).   If you've run successful workshops for adults before, of any sort (e.g., on italian cooking), consider applying to help us organize our program.  Apply here.

If you live in the SF bay area, you are also very welcome to come on a Satuday and help us test out draft lessons (by being a participant as we present them): email stephenpcole at gmail dot com to be added to that email list.

Do err on the side of applying; hope to hear from you soon!

(These application forms take the place of the previous ones; but if you've applied with the previous one, you're still golden, I'm just a bit behind on processing the applications.)


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I may make quizzes for logic, biases, rationality, etc. because I am itching to get enough practice that I detect every type of rational flaw instantly and immediately have names for them. I'm a web developer, so I could make online versions of these and post them for all to use.

What I am wondering is have you already made something like this? If you're planning to, would you mind describing what you plan to make so I don't duplicate anything?

I assume you have a web developer?

This is a much more specific query. That's a good sign, I think.

Can you please give me an example of something that a programmer would have to produce for you guys?

Merely one example: A calibration game (pulling facts from a database) for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

Wouldn't it be easier to implement it as web application? Then you only need one code base and a browser and it works on all those platforms. Distribution is easy. You just email a URL. Updates would be local and wouldn't need to be distributed at all.

Wouldn't it be easier to implement it as web application?

Indeed, for this type of tasks web app is the way to go. A bit of HTML5/CSS3 magic is usually all that's needed.

You just email a URL

Uhh... Don't you mean, scan its 2D barcode with your phone camera from the web page? Email is so last millennium.