[paper draft] Coalescing minds: brain uploading-related group mind scenarios

byKaj_Sotala8y29th Sep 201120 comments



Abstract: We present a hypothetical process of mind coalescence, where artificial connections are created between two brains. This might simply allow for an improved form of communication. At the other extreme, it might merge two minds into one in a process that can be thought of as a reverse split-brain operation. We propose that one way mind coalescence might happen is via an exocortex, a prosthetic extension of the biological brain which integrates with the brain as seamlessly as parts of the biological brain integrate with each other. An exocortex may also prove to be the easiest route for mind uploading, as a person’s personality gradually moves from away from the aging biological brain and onto the exocortex. Memories might also be copied and shared even without minds being permanently merged. Over time, the borders of personal identity may become loose or even unnecessary.

Like my other draft, this is for the special issue on mind uploading in the International Journal of Machine Consciousness. The deadline is Oct 1st, so any comments will have to be quick for me to take them into account.

This one is co-authored with Harri Valpola.

EDIT: Improved paper on the basis of feedback; see this comment for the changelog.