After a successful first Chicago meetup, Airedale and I are now looking forward to the first nonfirst meetup. There are a few different options:

  • Hold the meetup in Chicago on a weekend afternoon, like last time. That could mean the 31st or 1st, or maybe the 24th or 25th. Unless there's massive support for another Hyde Park meetup, we propose trying out a different part of town, such as the North side or the Loop.
  • Hold the meetup in Chicago on the evening of Tuesday the 27th. The upside is LW/SIAI regulars Will Newsome and Kevin plan to be in town.
  • Will and Kevin plan to visit Madison on the 28th and some other cities in the days after, where they'll want to hold meetups if there's interest. They will post details. (Airedale and I won't be able to attend, though we may be able to attend a future weekend Madison meetup.)

Any thoughts on what's convenient for most people, and on what's a good venue?

If you're interested, there's a Google Group where you can sign up for further updates. Hope to see you soon.

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I couldn't make it to the last one, so I'm glad that there's another one coming up quick. I prefer the 27th, 31st, or 1st in Chicago, since I might be busy the weekend of the 24th.

I'd love to meet up in Madison. Does anyone have a good location? If it's a small enough crowd, we could just find our way to a coffee shop.

I'll be back in Madison starting July 24; I should be over jet lag a day or two after that. I'll be gone again for a week or so in late August.

A coffee shop sounds fine to me. Will and I will be there on the 28th; around 6PM would probably be best for us. Even if it was just you and us and orthonormal, that sounds like a fine meetup to me.

That would suit me well. How about Indie? It's nice and close to the engineering/CS part of campus. The waffles are lovely. But parking nearby is a problem.

Sounds good to me. And Wednesday is waffle day! I don't mind paying for parking or walking a while to get there.

I'll be in Madison starting next week, so I'd definitely make any meetup there. I believe that andrewbreese and fiddlemath were talking about a Madison gathering in the same timeframe...

So is anyone in for Madison on the evening of the 28th?

Also, we will be passing through Omaha, Denver, and Salt Lake City on our way across the country to the West Coast and we'd love to meet up with any LW'ers on the way.

I will be within traveling distance of Salt Lake City as of August 13. What's your timeline?

:/ We'll probably be there on the 30th or 31st. I want to check out the organ recital in the Tabernacle while we're there.

The 30th or 31st of...?

Sorry, July. I am leaving Pittsburgh on the 26th of July and trying to get to Berkeley around August 1st.

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I'd attend if it's in Chicago on a weekend, but I won't attend if it's during a weekday or further north. (I'm in West Michigan.)