[Personal Experiment] One Year without Junk Media

by lsusr1 min read14th Dec 201911 comments


Self ExperimentationWell-being

I wrote in a previous post how my life is better when I avoid certain kinds of media. It increases my happiness, lowers my stress and makes me smarter.

I should follow my own advice. I hereby commit myself to abstaining from junk media for one year.

There's a long list of rules, definitions and exceptions but the basic idea is I'll avoid videogames, news, Reddit, web surfing, Hot Network Questions and similar mindless media feeds. YouTube is special case. Music and dance videos are okay so I created a new YouTube account and trained the recommendation algorithm to recommend only these kinds of videos.

I've been abstaining from junk media for increasingly long periods of time. My record is around two months. Now's finally the time to pull the trigger and go a whole year.

New Years resolutions usually fail so instead I'm starting this resolution on the 317th anniversary of the 47 Ronin.