The Sword of Good: I need some help to translate it

by loup-vaillant1 min read30th Nov 201119 comments


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I am currently translating Eliezer's "The Sword of Good" in French, and hit a rather thorny problem:

How do I translate the words Equilibrium and Balance, given that both words are present in this fiction?

Those two words are rather synonymous, and I can find but one French translation: équilibre. I need a second one, which would convey about the same ideas and sound as solemn as "equilibrium". Or some trick…

For the majority of you who don't speak French, other English words that could have replaced either "equilibrium" and "balance" may also give me valuable cues.

(By the way, translation work is way harder that I anticipated. It strains my mastery of both English and French way beyond what I'm used to.)

Second question, of less importance: which translation do you think suits The Lord of Dark best? "Le Seigneur de la Noirceur" ? Or "Le Seigneur des Ténèbres"? Or even something else?