Request for Comments on Online LessWrong/SSC Meetup--Rump Session

by JoshuaFox1 min read18th Mar 20206 comments


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EDIT: We're doing it!

See here for meetup announcement.


Anyone interested in an online LessWrong/SlateStarCodex meetup?

We'd start with personal introductions for some sociability, and then do a Rump Session, where anyone can step up and give a four minute talk; then, if you want to keep talking, the audience votes on whether to go another three minutes. Talks can be spontaneous rather than prepared, and on any subject that you'd like: Science topics, poetry readings, or anything else.

At LessWrong Israel, we've found this to be a lot of fun--no risk of being bored or boring, as talks are so short.

As it would be online, people from anywhere could join as timezones allow.

If you think you'd like such a thing, please upvote and/or comment.