In this online video-chat, we'll start with personal introductions for some sociability, and then do a Rump Session: That's where anyone can step up and give a four minute talk; then, if you want to keep talking, the audience votes on whether to permit another three minutes.

Talks can be spontaneous rather than prepared, and on any subject that turns you on: Science topics, poetry readings, history tidbits, or anything else (except for COVID-19--that's strictly out!).

At LessWrong Israel, we've found this to be a lot of fun--no risk of being bored or boring, as talks are so short.

If you are going a bit stircrazy and want to meet people worldwide who have the same set of LW/SSC interests, this is for you.

Sponsored by LessWrong Israel and inviting the worldwide LW/SSC community.

The meetup is March 24, 2020, at 19:00 IST, which is 17:00 UTC.

Please sign up at this form by 18:00 IST so we can send you an invitation.


(P.S. In coordination with the LW admins, I am posting this duplicate of the original event post, as it is difficult to make non-geographical event posts.)

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As of Sunday night, 20 signed up for the Tuesday online meeting, which makes a quorum. Looking forward to more signups!

I have a page of instructions of how to run this, that I figured out as I went. Feel free to ask for it.

Thank you all. For followup chat I recommend or as well as the Rationality Meetups Discord Server.

This was lots of fun!

Now at 80 signups!