Which information should I consume if I want to better understand the implications (or whether there are any implications) of modal immortality?

Modal immortality combines two premises:

  • we live in a Big World: your brain configuration is instantiated many times in the multiverse
  • functionalist view of mind: you are your function, not a specific instantiation
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I recommend Forever and Again: Necessary Conditions for “Quantum Immortality” and its Practical Implications by Alexey Turchin. I don’t endorse everything in there (especially not the usage of “Time” in the x-axis of Figure 3, the assumption that there is such a thing as a “correct” theory of personal identity, and the claim that there is a risk of “losing something important about one’s own existence” when using a teletransporter) but it is one of the articles most relevant to modal immortality that I’ve found in the bibliography of Digital Immortality: Theory and Protocol for Indirect Mind Uploading, which you mentioned in your answer (and, for that matter, one of the articles most relevant to modal immortality I’ve found anywhere), and it is fairly thorough.