In this online video-chat, we'll start with personal introductions for some sociability, and then do a Rump Session: That's where anyone can step up and give a four minute talk; then, if you want to keep talking, the audience votes on whether to permit another three minutes.

Talks can be spontaneous rather than prepared, and on any subject that turns you on: Science topics, poetry readings, history tidbits, or anything else (except for COVID-19--that's strictly out!).

At LessWrong Israel, we've found this to be a lot of fun--no risk of being bored or boring, as talks are so short.

If you are going a bit stircrazy and want to meet people worldwide who have the same set of LW/SSC interests, this is for you.

Sponsored by LessWrong Israel and inviting the worldwide LW/SSC community.

The meetup is at 19:00 IST which is 17:00 UTC.

Please sign up at this form by 18:00 IST so we can send you an invitation.

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Now at 80 signups!

Wow, exciting!

As of Sunday night, 20 signed up for the Tuesday online meeting, which makes a quorum. Looking forward to more signups!

(P.S. In coordination with the LW admins, I have also posted a duplicate of this event post as it is difficult to make non-geographical event posts.)

It was great! 60 attendees. The meetup flowed smoothly with lots of good talks. As I figured out how to make it work, I wrote up a page of tips. Feel free to ask for it.

Thank you, all, it was excellent, I hope someone organizes another one!

I would be interested in organizing this if no one else will. Would like the tips

Followup chat can be here or at the facebook event Facebook event where you can also chat

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