Ranking the "competition" based on optimization power

by blogospheroid1 min read17th Oct 201015 comments


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Most long term users on Less Wrong understand the concept of optimization power and how a system can be called intelligent if it can restrict the future in significant ways. Now I believe that in this world, only institutions are close to superintelligence in any significant way. 

I believe it is important for us to have atleast some outside idea of which institutions/systems are powerful in today's world so that we can atleast see some outlines of how the increasing optimization power will end up affecting normal people.

So, my question is - what are the present institutions or systems that you would classify as having the maximum optimization power. Please present your thought behind it if you feel you are mentioning some unknown institution. I am presenting my guesses after the break.

Blogospheroid's guess list


  1. NSA / US Intelligence and defence community
  2. Harvard University
  3. The Chinese Politburo
  4. Goldman Sachs
  5. The Kremlin / Russian intelligence and defence community
  6. Google Inc 
  7. Oracle Inc
  8. Microsoft Inc
  9. Murdoch's media empire

Institutions I found significant outside this list is the Singaporean and Abu Dhabi city governments, very rational and increasing their significance in the world, but highly restricted from fooming because of constraints.