Melbourne meetup

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Note: There has been some discussion of a chance of venue. I suggest we leave it the same at this stage as some people might not realise these discussions have been happening. However, we could then consider moving onto Trike if that seemed suitable? I'm happy to give people my mobile no if they message me if it helps for co-ordinating (especially if they're likely to be late - just in case we've moved venue).

Melbourne (Australia) meetup.

Date: Saturday, April 2nd at 1pm

Where: Don Tojo

What: I've never been to a meetup before but others seem to feel that discussion topics work well?

Possible topics (open for debate but as there's no discussion in the comments about this I thought I'd better come up with some structure for the meetup):

1. Sequence discussion - everyone chooses a post from the sequence they think is interesting and we discuss each in turn.

2. Paranoid debating - As a group we discuss what we think the answer is to a quantifiable question (the example given is, "How much maize is produced in Mexico annually?") except some people have been assigned the role of deceiver. The group comes up with a final answer and are scored according to how close it is except for the deceiver, who is scored based on how far away it is).

3. Talk on a topic - Any group member who feels comfortable doing so gives a brief speech on a topic they're knowledgeable about. It can be related to Less Wrong themes - rationality, psychology, biases, AI, Bayesianism, instrumental rationality - or alternatively can be on another topic if the person is more comfortable with that.

Let me know below if you're interested.

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