How does an infovore manage information overload?

byhaig 10y25th Aug 200929 comments


I am, and have been for most of my life, an information glutton.  The internet has made my affliction worse by providing me with the equivalent of an unlimited buffet of both nutritious as well as junk food for my brain which never leaves my side.  A fire hose of data focused straight into my mind's mouth.  If the brain food is mostly high quality, and I'm exercising my grey matter vigorously enough to warrant such high volumes of knowledge, then it's not that much of a problem.  However, I've recently crossed a threshold where I seem to be spending more time navigating this buffet rather than consuming the food.  

Ok, dropping the metaphor and getting to the point, I need to know how I can efficiently minimize the amount of time I spend staying abreast of the things I should now so I can maximizing the time I spend actually learning them and hopefully having ample time left over to be productive at applying that knowledge.  Mind you, I am pretty diligent when it comes to avoiding the frivolous youtube clips, emails, and reddit/slashdot/etc. refreshes.  That isn't the problem.  The problem is figuring out which books, research papers, and blogs to stay aware of, and how to automate such a system.  Any techniques you would like to share?