What about a line of retreat for the psychologists?

by BT_Uytya 1 min read16th Jul 201217 comments


The road to the truth is paved with revelations; sometimes those revelations are uncomfortable. Also, you can never go back; it is impossible to unlearn something.

The problem is, if you go too far, those who fell behind will stop to hear your voice. You want them to be closer, and sometimes the only way to achieve it is to guide them to the truth. But the road is paved with the uncomfortable revelations. Oops.

So far, I remember two big uncomfortable revelations: the first is that we live beyond the reach of god, and the second is that the psychology isn't nearly effective as everybody thinks.

If I had been completely honest with the people around, I would have told them about House of the Cards. But I'm not. It is too cruel to say "Hey, your world-view is wrong and your competence is just an illusion" to the psychologists and soon-to-be-psychologists. Hence I'm afraid to say even innocent "Hey, I read a very interesting book yesterday" to the fellow CS students (because I don't know whether they have psychologist relatives).

This situation seems very wrong to me, but I understand that the reality is unfair and I'm lucky that I can be an atheist without fear of alienation, unlike the poor souls living in the bible belt. I'm just going to be very careful with my words concerning psychology. Of course I should be more cautious and patient while talking with strangers in *Guardian Of The Truth* mode, no surprise here.

But still.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do if I really need to tell somebody that very often psychology is useless and sometimes it is even dangerous. What should I do to prevent their flinching from the truth? How to make the reality look more comfortable to them?