Sign up to be notified about new LW meetups in your area

by Louie1 min read3rd Nov 201211 comments



LessWrong has rolled out a new feature on the user preference pages under "Location":



This is UNCHECKED by default.  Also, we don't know by default where you live.

If you think you might want to meet up with other LWers, please input your location and check this box. Once enough people have signed up in a new area, it will make starting a LW meetup there that much more straightforward for the future organizer.  (You'll just get that email; they won't see your email address.)  In general, it seems like being able to know something about where LWers live would be helpful, so please consider entering your approximate location even if you don't check the box.

Thanks to Wesley Moore for deploying this upgrade to the LW backend.