Toronto Less Wrong Meetup - Thursday Feb 17

by Skatche1 min read10th Feb 201122 comments


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Hello Torontonian LessWrong members!  My friend and I thought it would be fun to get you all in one room.

When: Thu. Feb. 17, 8:30 PM
Where: Duke of York Pub, 39 Prince Arthur Ave

Note the time has been changed - I was only able to get a reservation for 8:30.

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I'm interested (sorry I'm a lurker so you don't know me yet)

How are we to recognize one another? My current plan is to proclaim loudly that U.F.Os are real and aliens killed J.F.K., and then go to the table which seems most indignant.

Hopefully Skatche has skimmed the Starting a LW meet-up is easy entry and will bring along a sign.

But it's always good to have a contingency plan in place. Mine is to buy and scratch a lottery ticket in a highly visible manner, while keeping my eyes and ears open for dissapointed head shaking and sighing.

Also, Anna Salamon and Carl Shulman have indicated they might attend the meetup. Both have bios and pics online at the SIAI website, under the About Us > Team and Research Program > Visiting Fellows sections respectively.

I'd definitely be interested in this.

For of location, I'd put forward Molly Bloom's or O'Grady's, both around College and University.

I might drop by, work circumstances permitting.

Regarding the choice of pub, out of these two O'Grady's is a better option; Molly Bloom is a bigger dump, noisier, and with worse service. However, I'd recommend the Duke of York better than either of these. It's classier, more comfortable for sitting and talking, with about the same prices but better service, and in the same area but closer to the subway (it's just around the corner from the St. George subway stop exit on Bloor and Bedford.)

I am interested in this.

I'm in Ottawa, but would try to make a future Toronto meetup. Unfortunately I'll be out of the country from Feb. 12-19.

Aside: Is there interest in an Ottawa meetup? I know Cyan and myself would probably be in, anyone else?

One more for Ottawa. Interest is yes.

I'm also in Ottawa! Would definitely be interested in a meet-up. Aside from that, I will be in Toronto the week of February 21-24th and I could maybe push it as early as the 20th. Any location is good.

Hey, I'm in Toronto right now, with Carl Shulman. (I'm normally not). I'd like to come, but will be gone on the 16th; but the 17th, 18th, 19th, or 20th would work well.

I'm available for those dates as well.

I've been a long term lurker. I haven't been actively reading lately but nonetheless I am interested in a meetup, any of these dates are suitable for me.

I only just found this site about a week ago, but it's fascinating. I'm slowly working my way through the sequences, and would be happy to meet and discuss with people of a like mind. I can't make it on the 16th or 18th but any other day would work for me.

Odd, I posted something related to this about two days ago. Coincidence?

I can attend on February 16th and 17th. Can't make it on the 18th-19th. 20th might work too, but I have to look into it.

Locale doesn't matter, as long as it's not too noisy, which would, in my mind, defeat the purpose.

Also, I'm rather ignorant about general pub etiquette, due to my lack of experience in this particular setting. I don't drink. They don't kick you out for that, do they?

You can order a coke or a club soda. Non-drinking pubgoers should be pretty common, with groups of people arriving by car having a designated driver who can't get drunk.

You'll be fine. Usually at pubs you can order food as well as alcohol, so you don't feel silly sitting there with nothing.

Coincidence, yes; evidence of Aumann's Agreement Theorem, perhaps. :p

At the moment, it's looking like it will probably be the 17th. And don't worry about buying food/drinks; as long as there's a high enough buyer to non-buyer ratio it'll be fine.

I lurk, but put me down as interested.

This Buffalonian should be able to go in the future, but the more notice the better.

I'm from Toronto but out of town at the moment. I will be back the 17th but can't do earlier.

I'm interested, but I'm not in town until the 17th. Anything between then and the 27th would work for me.

I'm interested (lurker as well)

Duke of York's classy, so is Bedford Academy (same area), O'Grady's is aight and has an upstairs that's less crowded. Red Room (college and spadina) has good food and relatively cheap pitchers but only takes cash