We've posted about jobs at Quixey before:

Quixey - startup applying LW-style rationality - hiring engineers

Since then we've hired LessWrong user cata. And it occurred to us that the LessWrong community is not only full of software engineers, it's also full of unusually strong writers.

Job Description

Help write and edit content to professional standards. For example:

  • Copy for quixey.com
  • Posts on the Quixey Blog
  • Documents and slides for pitches to potential partners
  • White papers
  • Employee handbook
  • Internal style guide
  • Video scripts
  • Twitter messages
  • You have really great writing skills
  • You love marketing and telling a clear story

Quixey is a great place to work with top notch people, and a great opportunity to advance your career as part of a fast-growing startup. For more info about Quixey, see this post.

This is a full-time position in our Palo Alto, California office with competitive compensation and benefits.

To apply, email some Bayesian evidence that you're a good match to jobs@quixey.com, such as your LessWrong user profile. (It's hard to imagine evidence that wouldn't be screened off by a writing sample.)

Added: We're also interested to test a contract writer. Please email us if you want to do that, too.

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This is a full-time position in our Palo Alto, California office with competitive compensation and benefits.

I take it that one has to actually be located in California (as opposed to, say, Finland) for this job?

Certainly sounds like it. I was all excited thinking 'hey, I need a job! I have tons of writing samples and relatively few credentials! This sounds worth looking into!' And then comes the location thing and I think, 'Do I really want to take the risk of things not working out, having spent all my money, and being trapped out in Palo Alto a long way from my nearest relative and a continent away from home?' And my enthusiasm cools.

Ok you should also email us - see my addendum.

Your website suggests that you can code. Any particular reason why you are not seeking employment in that field?

Because my best language is Haskell, and when I compare my Haskell skills to Haskellers I know who got jobs doing Haskell, I come off very badly.

Haskell programmers have a reputation for being very smart. Feels like you could learn Python or Scala, be at least a medium sized fish in that pond, and get paid twice as much as writing would get you.

You aren't saying anything I haven't told myself many times. But if I had fixed my akrasia and learned Python, do you think I'd still be busy here? Writing is at least something I don't have much problem doing.

Yeah but actually you should email us - see my addendum.

Forgive the off-topic-ness, but have you guys considered recording and analyzing unsuccessful searches? If a user can't find what they're looking for, they could click a button that says "Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know!" and you can start gathering ideas for startups that are in demand. (Yes, I know startup ideas are "worthless" relative to execution).

Yeah, we've thought of that :)

Liron - I you want feedback on Quixey in general, do you want it here on in some other place?

I'd rather keep this thread on topic, but I'll be happy to hear your feedback if you email me at liron@quixey.com.