LW2.0 now in public beta (you'll need to reset your password to log in)

by Kaj_Sotala1 min read23rd Sep 201718 comments


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Small (but critical) complaint: the login button doesn't work without javascript.

Unfortunately, due to the shape of modern web development, basically the entire site (at least, all the features you would log in for) will not work without javascript. This does suck but it's not really an option at this point.

Unfortunately, due to the shape of modern web development

I humbly request this to be unpacked.

There's a large number of tools that expand the options available to you as a front end developer (as well as tools that are part of the ecosystem that supports the first set of tools). Basically all of those tools are built around the assumption that you can just use javascript.

You can build sites that function without that, that have javascript as an optional thing that spruces up the site for people who use it. But you will be putting in more effort. ReactJS (which Lesswrong 2.0 is built on), is built around the premise that you literally just use javascript for everything (HTML is rendered out of javascript files). This has a lot of benefits. You don't need to have three sorts of files (html, javascript, and css) for every component of your page, and it's generally easier to automatically test your site if you know what you're doing.

I don't think this was necessary or inevitable, but it is the way things have shook out.

Why not use something like.. werc? http://werc.cat-v.org/

Granted, if you're using Windows, you're out of luck.

Unfortunately, due to the shape of modern web development

What does that even mean :))

No, really, why reset the password when you can compose the new hash function with the old one?

It doesn't seem to be working for me; I tried to reset my password, and it keeps saying "user not found", although I doublechecked and it is the same email I have on my account here on lesswrong.

Same here. I just made a new account.

We have a copy of the database from 3 months ago (will be updating to a more recent one on launch), but this means that if you added an email to your account later than that we might not have it.

So there's no way for us to login with our regular accounts before the launch? Is it scheduled for anytime soon?

I'd hate to keep seeing all the constant promotion for your site without being able to check it out (since I am not really up for using a temporary account).

Yeah, I apologize. Getting a complete copy of the database requires us to coordinate with Trike Apps and is a lot of work for everyone, so we are limiting the number of complete ports to 2 (i.e. one three months ago, and one on launch).

I am working on a merge-accounts feature, so while I can't absolutely guarantee one, it's very likely you will have the ability to merge your old LW account with any temporary account you create now.

Will there be a way to merge accounts?

Yeah, that's the issue, then. And there's no way around that, no way to just let us temporally log in and confirm our emails later?

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[Which LessWrong had a better design?]{1.0}{2.0}{Results}

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(EDIT: Polls are broken or I did something incorrect. Lookat this:

[Which LessWrong had a better design?]{1.0}{2.0}{Results}

And help me fix this, please. Thanks!)

Do tell why your chosen design is better. I like the current design because

  • Familiarity
  • Doesn't have a width limit? (Either it was fixed or firefox being firefox)

Neutral points:

  • Maybe taking time to get used to the new design because new != bad, but new != good either. My guess is that new systems can be intuitively bad at first but giving them a few tries isn't unreasonable.

Good points/improvement suggestions

  • Removed the sidebar, but now a significant amount of whitespace is taken by the "recommended reading", "top posts" etc. Move them to the top of the category, instead of the left.
  • Move the "recommended reading" part down - most of the time people will scroll down to get the new posts, might as well save that effort.
  • Currently, posts are in this format:

Post Title

X days ago / Author name / Total points / <<<<<<< number of comments at the end of the universe


Combine the post title and the date, author name and w/e into a single line. Also, possibly add sort by comments. Handy picture; functionality is already in. Decrease the width of the window to see it

More later(?)

Which is the proper route to signal a bug?

Intercom on the lower-right corner, although the team is currently focused on addressing some basic reliability and performance issues.