Viliam Bur made the announcement in Main, but not everyone checks main, so I'm repeating it here.

During the following months my time and attention will be heavily occupied by some personal stuff, so I will be unable to function as a LW moderator. The new LW moderator is... NancyLebovitz!

From today, please direct all your complaints and investigation requests to Nancy. Please not everyone during the first week. That can be a bit frightening for a new moderator.

There are a few old requests I haven't completed yet. I will try to close everything during the following days, but if I don't do it till the end of January, then I will forward the unfinished cases to Nancy, too.

Long live the new moderator!

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Thanks for stepping up to take the job, and good luck!

Have some karma as a token of our gratitude to you for doing it so we don't have to. :)

Just out curiosity, how much is on your plate?

Not a whole lot.

Good luck and thanks for doing the job!

Interesting. This seems to be the first case (at least in the last two years) where the same post is present in both. I'm curions about the votes. Should give some feedback about the relative share of readers of Main and Discussion.

It's not a good test unless the post gets promoted. I'm willing to bet that a lot of people check the promoted posts at Main, but don't bother to check New.

Also, some people might be sufficiently in favor to upvote both posts.

Maybe readers will feel the post does not contain enough scientific references to be posted in Main.

Or perhaps that a new moderator taking the job deserves more karma than the one giving up.



I've been around for more than a couple years and had no idea there was a difference between Main and Promoted. I guess I check "new" for Main by using the side bar on the landing page but didn't pick up on the distinction.

Do you moderate both the wiki and the comments, or just the comments?

Just comments and posters, not the wiki.

All hail!

Do you have any plans for changes?