Where do you live? Meetup planners want to know

by Metus 8y11th Dec 201122 comments


Disclaimer: English is not my mother's tongue so I am prone to make mistakes. Please correct and forgive me if I do.

In the recent LessWrong survey 1090 people responded. Sadly, information about the place of residence was not asked for but could have been very useful to people willing to plan a meetup. Since a similar questionaire in German was quite successful with 24 respondents I now translated the form to english and ask you to provide the information.

I ask you only to provide your country and general area of residence via postal code. The form is hosted at Google Docs and the spreadsheet will be published in a few days to ensure anonymity for the first few respondents. The data can not be traced back to specific individuals and would be useless in most cases.

Have fun and please provide feedback in the comments.