We're having the third SoCal LessWrong meetup this Saturday, the 23rd. It'll be held at this IHOP in Irvine, from 1PM to 8PM, in the upstairs meeting area.

For those that haven't yet come, the last two were quite successful bringing 13 and 16 people respectively, and there was plenty of intelligent and friendly discussion.

Make sure to comment if you have suggestions for how to improve on the last one, if you can give/need a ride, or just to say you're coming.

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I'll be driving north from San Diego, can provide a ride, and would enjoy conversation in the car. To arrange a ride, go to my user page and send me a private message by clicking on the "Send message" button just to the right of my name :-)

I'm coming from Huntington Beach, message me if you'd like me to pick you up on the way.

Edit: Looks like I/we at Harvey Mudd don't really have a car (or person to drive it), so unless someone is going to be driving by Claremont, I don't think I'll be able to make it.

I am living next to UCI campus (11422 Adobe Circle Road, 92617, CA). I am a visiting researcher at the Informatics department and I will be needing a ride. Anyone?

I can give you a ride. See private message.

I plan on coming from Lake Forest. Message me if you want a ride.

Wow, that's less than five minutes from my family home. Schedule one of these during Christmas or Summer vacations and I'm in.

When are your breaks (and when will you be home)? We are trying to do these monthly, and we could arrange the December meet up for when you are in town.

I'll let you know when I'll be home after I figure it out myself. Thanks.

I may be driving through Dec 14 and/or Dec 17th or 18th. I'd love to get to see a SoCal meet-up, if December schedules work out. I'll comment again when I know my dates.

The last meetup was great. I'd love to come to this one but am unfortunately out of town this weekend. Looking forward to the November meetup!

Yeah, sorry about that.

I was hoping I could just grab a room at UCI, but by the time we had given up on that and decided on IHOP, there wasn't enough time left. I guess UCI isn't as cool as UCSB or Harvey Mudd. =\

I'll be there but I may not arrive until ~2PM. Not sure what the setup at the IHOP is, but I can bring a LCD projector to hook up to any laptops that join us.

Hi, I'm new here. What are these meetings? What is the topic of discussion?

It's a social gathering for anyone interested in discussing anything relevant to the LW community. I personally have been part of discussing rationality in general, cryonics, existential risk, personal health, and cognitive bias (among other topics) at the 2 meetups I've been to. It's a good excuse to meet some other folks and trade ideas, start projects, etc.

I don't think we have an agenda organized for this one. But if you're curious, take a look at the comments from the September SoCal meetup for an idea about what was discussed and what people thought was good/bad/interesting about it.

Was hoping to make it to this one from San Diego but couldn't; can't wait for the next one. Anyone in San Diego who needs a ride next time, hold onto my email, mdcblogs@gmail.com.