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Since there aren't any subforums and I couldn't find a thread with information of what is relevant for Discussion, and I saw the threads here are relatively free, I've decided to ask my questions in a thread.

- Can I post questions about this section? (sorry if no)

- Can I post about psychology in general?

- Can I post about anything that might be of the interest of a rationalist? Like for example, a thread asking about how to reduce the risks for most cancers. Note that this is a huge range of possible questions.

Edit: thanks, I think I figured it out. I'm still not sure if I want to respond to all the comments, whether I should comment myself or edit the original post.

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Try some cheap experiments. :]

Depending on how much you value karma, might not be so cheap.

If you are not willing to trade karma for knowledge, you run into lost purposes...

I traded my karma for knowledge. Then I traded my knowledge for cookies! Then I traded my cookies for Karma.

[-][anonymous]9y 1

FWIW, I don't (terminally) value karma at all, even though do I use it as evidence about things I do care about.

Questions about this section should probably go in the open thread. Posts on psychology and/or useful advice are both welcome in Discussion.

If reading past discussion posts does not give you an idea of what is suitable, then try posting and see how people react. Also note that the stated rules and preferences are not necessarily the actual ones, so consider whatever people tell you (including this comment) with some skepticism.

I have my own opinions as to what is appropriate, but as a matter of fact it's very hard to be downvoted in a discussion post. Looking through discussion you'll be able to see that almost none of the posts are voted down. The main thing that will cause downvotes is being low quality, the subject matter is almost irrelevant.