Appropriateness of Discussing Rationalist Discourse of a Political Nature on LW?

by Evan_Gaensbauer 1 min read12th Mar 201824 comments


There was recently a back-and-forth between Slate Star Codex and Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs, a major national news magazine on the political left in the United States. It didn't end well. I think it would serve as a good example in how I think rationalist diaspora members could better think and go about publicly engaging those outside the community on topics of common interest. I wouldn't publish it without running it by Scott first. But I don't want to waste the time to write a draft if it wouldn't be appropriate content for LW anyway.

I could post the write-up on my own blog and submit it as a community post. It wouldn't have any relevance to people outside the rationalist diaspora, so I'd prefer to post it to LW, but my own blog would be fine. If submitting it as a link/community post would be frowned up as well, that'd be fine with me too. I just want to know what the expected norms are here. If the answer to these questions would depend on the content of my write-up, that's also fine. I can drum something up, come back here, and then get feedback. Anyway, if the moderators or anyone else wants to give me their two cents, that'd be great.