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What math do i need for data analysis?

by Yoav Ravid 1 min read19th Jan 201915 comments


I always had fairly good mathematical thinking (I think) and loved learning about beautiful concepts in math - but i didn't learn much at all in school (cause i had the choice). You can say i was "utilitarian" regarding learning math, i didn't do it if i didn't see how it can enrich my life.

so my knowledge of math is quite disorganized, i know more about Bayes theorem then many much simpler concepts (i know, it really shouldn't be that way).

Now i want to be able to analyze data, but i don't want to learn math that i won't use for it, if possible.

So here's my question - what basic stuff do i need to learn in order to be able to calculate probabilities, statistics, do Bayesian math, and overall do things within data analysis that I may yet be aware of?

If you also have suggestions for how to learn those things, after i learn the basics, it will be much appreciated.

thank you :)

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4 Answers

I personally found the Udacity course helpful but I see that someone has done a comparison of all the online data science courses they could find here. Hopefully one of those might be what you’re looking for.

Perhaps check out dataquest.io, which teaches the data scientist's basic skillset.

I think I was in your shoes last year. I *thought* I wanted to learn "data analysis", took an online course, and became way over my head and also realized that I probably didn't really know what "data analysis" meant.

It sounds like, at the minimum, an intro to statistics course might be useful. I don't think there's much math, but more ways of thinking about things like what "probability" means, was really helpful for me as a foundation for learning other related stuff.