[POLL] AI-FOOM Debate in Sequence Reruns?

by MinibearRex1 min read1st Nov 201216 comments


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We're now at the point in the sequences when the AI-FOOM Debate took place between Eliezer Yudkowsky and Robin Hanson. Do people want me to include them in the sequence rerun posts, and if so, how? Should I make one post a day? Should I post all of the posts that were made in one day back in 2008, so that we would possibly get one Yudkowsky and one Hanson post in a single day of reruns? If I'm rerunning two posts a day, should I make one rerun post or two? When rerunning a Hanson post, how should the standard rerun template be adjusted? 

I titled this as a poll, but that's not really what I want to do, since I'm not sure I have come up with all of the relevant options. I've got my own thoughts on all of the questions I just asked, but I'm going to hold off on mentioning them, in the interests of sparking discussion. Whatever I do, I will need to decide fairly quickly (as in, next three days at the latest).

I'm sorry that this is short term; I've been busy and wasn't really looking that far ahead.

How should I do this?