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Where should I ask this particular kind of question?

by Long try1 min read3rd Nov 201911 comments


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I am pondering a hypothetical scenario that I think is fascinating but quite unrealistic and involves knowledge across a wide variety of fields, of which IMO physics gets the better part.

I'm considering some sites that I know. Reddit has a sub called r/AskScienceDiscussion but this sub is not very warm to this type of query. Quora has degraded so much and doesn't even have the option to expand the subject over a length of mere 150 chars or so, which is utterly ridiculous. I'm not sure about Stackexchange - should I post in their physics site? LessWrong boasts that people can ask anything and it aims to be better than the former 2, but judging from what I read, questions almost exclusively focus on rationality, and the reach (the amount of folks who can read it, or how popular the platform is within a population) is small. There's another option of posting in fora such as physicsforum, but I don't have an account there so my knowledge is limited about how people will respond.

Thus, my question is a bit meta: what do you think is the best place to post the question? If there's something better than what I listed, then please kindly enlighten me. Also, I'd like to ask you guys to not be biased toward our own platform we're standing on. Thanks!

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I found LW a few months ago. I've got stuff to share and the feedback has been invaluable. A handful of people have commented, more than enough to give me the fresh perspective I needed.

The worst that can happen is a dollop of bad karma, so I'd say post your question here and see who's out there reading.

This question might be easier given the question you want to ask. That said,

what do you think is the best place to post the question?

Post it everywhere! You might even get different answers from different places! (If you're really worried, then make throwaway accounts**. Provided they're not deleted, banned, etc. (which would be extreme*), they'll make it easier the next time you have a question you're not sure about posting!)

*In the event of such a move, I'd want to hear about it.

**There might be some rules around that here(like no double voting). You also might want to lookup/ask for some general internet information on how to make that harder to detect.